Preschool - Yinarlingi Class

At Yuendumu Preschool we recognise that children learn through engaging with the world around them. We provide rich learning opportunities that extend on children’s prior learning and provide them the structures to continue to develop complex and challenging play opportunities. The children who attend Yuendumu Preschool are supported to access the curriculum through two languages, Warlpiri and English.

Yinarlingi ‘Echidna’ is a Preschool program for students aged between three and a half to 5 years. This is the hand painted door of the classroom.

“ Pirlirrpa rarralypa, Pirlirrpa Pirrjirdi,
Grow them strong in spirit, body and mind.”

The Yuendumu Preschool and School consulted with families and community to develop the motto; Pirlirrpa rarralypa, Pirlirrpa Pirrjirdi, Grow them strong in spirit, body and mind. With this powerful statement in mind the educators are dedicated to helping children to realise their potential and strength as a young valuable member of the Preschool, School and greater community.

Meet the Preschool Staff

Natalie Parry

Preschool Educator

Tanya Kunoth

Preschool Educator

Margaret Brown

Preschool Educator

Deanne Kathagen

Nominated Supervisor

Start time and food schedule

Preschool program runs from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Students are welcome to arrive before 9am and have breakfast at the the eating area in main school yard. Recess snacks are provided everyday that consists of fruits and healthy snacks.

What will my children learn?

Children have active imaginations, and those imaginations can be nurtured to fuel learning and creativity. Preschool provides an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers and build self-confidence. They will build new knowledge and skills.

Learning about shapes.

Working together to make things.

Writing their names.