Bilingual Resource Development Unit

The Bilingual Resource Development Unit was established at Yuendumu School in 1974 to assist with the production of Warlpiri teaching materials, like Warlpiri story books, readers, phonic charts, song books, and so forth. Over the years the BRDU has built up a solid collection of Warlpiri resources which are used in all schools in the Warlpiri areas, such as at Lajamanu, Willowra, Nyirrpi, Yipirinya and Yuendumu Schools.

The school encourages high levels of participation by Warlpiri speakers and all interested people to ensure that suitable teaching materials can continue to be produced.

Today we are starting to focus more on greater digitisation of resources for interactive online teaching use. To see all our resources and books; as well as learn the Warlpiri language, check out the BRDU website

Warlpiri Triangle Cycle

The Warlpiri Theme Cycle is a local language and culture curriculum that was developed by Warlpiri elders and educators from Yuendumu, Lajamanu, Willowra and Nyirrpi in the 1980s.

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BRDU Website

Access all our Warlpiri readers, resources. songs and games as well as Warlpiri lessons to learn the language.