Yuendumu School is proudly bilingual and bi-cultural and keep this two-way approach as our guiding principle. Warlpiri literacy is emphasised in the first years of schooling and then there is a transition to more and more English at year 3 level onwards.

Our School

We are proudly bilingual and bicultural and keep this two-way approach as our guiding principle.

Our Learning

We have classes starting from childcare to senior high school. Learn more about the learning happening in those classes.

Contact Us

If you have any enquiries or need to contact the school. We also have Facebook where you can message us

Our School Values

As a bilingual school it is important that Warlpiri values are also upheld and equally respected as with English. It is very difficult to translate from Warlpiri to English and convey the extent of meaning of each word chosen as a Warlpiri value.

Our school newsletter show all the great things that are happening within each classroom and special fun events that have been held.

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