A brief history on Yuendumu

Warlpiri people have lived in Central Australia for over 20,000 years. First contact with white people came in the late 19th century, with the coming of pastoralism. By the 1920s many Warlpiri people were living with families on cattle stations and around the mines at the Granites, Tanami and at Mt Doreen.


Yuendumu was set up as a government ration station in 1946. In 1974 a Baptist Mission was established and a school was set up shortly after. Until the 1970s most people still lived in traditional dwellings, humpies ‘yujuku’. Houses started to be built from 1970s. The settlement is divided into camps, according to the compass directions; North ‘Yatijarra’, South ‘Kurlirra’, East ‘Kakarrara and West ‘Karlarra’.

Our School Staff

Meet our hard-working team of staff at Yuendumu School.

Leadership Team

Marisa Boscato


Nancy Oldfield

Assistant Principal


CFC Manager

Blaize Montgomery

Inclusive Practices Coordinator

Steve Mitchell

Wellbeing and Engagement

Ellie Watt

Literacy and Curriculum Advisor

Classroom teachers

John Kitchener

Learning in Country Leader

Tess Ross

Learning in Country 

Tommy Watson

Learning in Country

Maddy Young




Margarine Miller


Natalie Parry


Tanya Kunoth


Margaret Brown


Grainne Martin

Jajirdi T-2

Nancy Collins

Jajirdi T-2

Shirley Martin

Jajirdi T-2

Brooke Thomas

Nini 3-4

Trish Lechleitner

Nini 3-4

Jerra Nile

Warnayarra 5-6

Corina Granites

Warnayarra 5-6

Sam Timewell

Mulyurlinji & Yankirri 7-12

Urich Wilson

Mulyurlinji & Yankirri 7-12

Doris Jurra

Mulyurlinji & Yankirri 7-12

Anna Speers

Classroom Support

Levina Watson

Classroom Support

Bilingual Resource Development Unit

Loren Mossi

Literacy Production Supervisor

Wendy Baarda

Literacy Resource Officer

Diana Edgar

Teacher Linguist

Alice Nelson

Literacy Worker

Ormay Gallagher

Literacy Worker

Valentine Gallagher

Literacy Worker

Administration Staff

Johanne Smith


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