Yurrampi Child and Family Centre

The Yurrampi Child and Family Centre (CFC) was officially opened in March 2016, but has been operational since 2015. We receive funding from the NT Government. The CFC is part of the school and we work with the Principal and teachers as well as external program providers to improve the future outcomes of children pre-birth to 5 years of age (over 140 Warlpiri Children). Families and communities support their children, pre-birth to five years of age, to have the best possible start in life and grow to be strong, healthy, safe, confident and capable learners Pirlirrpa rarralya pirlirrpa pijirridi “Growing them strong in Spirit”. “Pirrjirdi wangkanjaku kurdu-kurdu wita-wita-ku” (A strong voice for little kids) is the aspiration for the Marlpa Jungu Jintangka.


The CFC is governed by the Marlpa Jungu Jintangka (Early Childhood Reference Group) for Yuendumu. This group of women identify themselves as kurdungurlu or “guardians” of all young Warlpiri children in Yuendumu, which is a traditional role that the female elders have in the community. Marlpa Jungu Jintangka are a highly respected group within the community, and various organisations seek advice and guidance from the group in matters relating to young children in Yuendumu.

Marlpa Jungu Jintangka are the group of people who directly influence the Yurrampi CFC, and hold us accountable for the quality of programs and services delivered in our facility. This includes ensuring that children and their families have access to strong bilingual and bicultural programs and services that actively support the learning and valuing of Warlpiri culture, including the Warlpiri Theme Cycle, and support for culturally and linguistically relevant PD for all staff and giving the children and their families a voice.

Kurdungurlu is a Warlpiri term that can be roughly translated as “guardian” or “manager” and originates from the concept of kurdungurlu and kirda ‘traditional owner’ as their roles and responsibilities in relation to jukurrpa.

Services and Programs

Marlpa Jungu Jintangka Early Childhood Reference Group

Meetings Thursday 12.00 – 2.30pm

Family as First Teachers

Monday to Friday mornings

Kurdu-kurdu-kurlangu childcare

Monday to Friday 8.00am – 3.00pm

Childhood Health Nurse

Monday to Friday 9.00am – 12.00pm


Visits as needed by the community.

Territory Families